Cultivating Pleasurable Balance

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Ways to enhance pleasure using your senses!

What are some ways to expand and heighten states of pleasure using our senses? ALL PLEASURE; sensual/physical, sexual, emotional, and spiritual. Explore beyond the bedroom.

  • Sight

    Sight - having a clean environment. Your external environment is literally a reflection of your inner state of mind, and it works both ways. Having fresh flowers, fresh plants, maybe a piece of artwork that connects to you. Maybe a certain color that makes you excited. What is pleasing to the eyes?

  • Sound

    Sound - Creating a sensual playlist with music. Listening to sounds of nature or the ocean waves. Reading to yourself outloud. Speaking positive affirmations. The use of sound bowls for spiritual bathing and more. What about ditry talk in intimate union?

  • Touch

    Touch - Get a sensual massage. Hugs can meet both physical and emotional pleasure. Having a long hot bath. Feel the wind or rain. Embrace the sun on your skin. Lie on the ground and feel the Earth beneath you. Maybe you like to touch differnt materials. What feels good on your body?

  • Taste

    Taste - Foods that soothes the mouth, ingesting the air/breath, an array of herbal teas, tasting the body, playing with kinky textures, or maybe even ice exploration. Ask yourself, how can I enhance my sensations with taste?

  • Smell

    Smell - the aromas of flowers, essence of food, everything with our senses. Scented oils, burning incense with your favorite fragrance. Fruity smells of wine and chocolate. Perhaps a certian body part enhances your smell? What does your nose desire?