Community Resources

Here you will find helpful information and resources to support your journey and well being.

Authentic Tantra® Certification Training

The Institute of Authentic Tantra® is the only governement accredited school for Tantra Holistic Sexual Healing in the world! Fing out how you can become certified.

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Sex Education Support for Parents/Families

This is a great way to get support for children and the different stages they go through from brith to youth adults with positive sex education.

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Sex Education for Social Change

This is a great site to stay informed and up to date with current policy, education, and communication nation wide. Good sexual and reproductive health is a human right. - SIECUS.

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Local LGBTQ+ Center

Oakland currently has an all-inclusive LGBTQ+ Community Center. Please visit thier site to view an amazing variety of support services for the entire family including support for youth.

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LGBTQ+ Youth & Adults in the U.S. and Canada

Additional resources can be found at this site. They offer direct online and phone support services along with many other referrrals for additional support. Human Rights Campaign Foundation.

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You can also check out Queer Kids Stuff. Visit Here!

Kink Positive Awareness

NCSF offers a beautiful variety of support including a list of Kink Aware Professionals. NCSF advocates for Kink, BDSM, Swing, and Polyamory communities.

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Our Reproductive Rights

Supportive resources for Reproductive Rights Nationwide. Please visit this site to stay up tot date with current Reproductive Rights.

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Anti-Racism Awareness

Here you can find some helpful sites to further expand and explore to support Anti-Racism.

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Decolonizing Chicanx Wellness

Decolonizing therapy, mental health and issues related to Chicanx wellness. Please visit this site for valuable information and additional resources.

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Inclusive Therapists

This beautiful platform supports the needs for BIPOC and the LGBTQ+ community with a variety of mental health wellness. If you are looking for an inclusive therapist please visit this site.

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Art and Mental Health

Bringing creativity and mental wellness as a whole. This site provides arts-based workshops acoss the U.S. and Canada. Art With Impact encouarages the next generation of artists to use their art to create social change.

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